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We love IT!

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you at your business and provide an initial consultation at no charge. We will provide a basic network survey and listen to your business goals. Hopefully, we can can assess where you are and help chart a course to where you would like to be!

Address: 427 W. 35th St. Norfolk, VA 23508
Phone: 757.652.1711
Business Hours: 24/7/365


Timely Support

We specialize in remote monitoring and management of network system. Often, we find and re-mediate issues before they are apparent to our customers. Should you need immediate assistance we stand ready to help.

Innovative Ideas

There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to Small Business. We are passionate about delivering solutions that work for your business within your budget.

Advanced Technology

Not the latest and greatest! More and more Enterprise class solutions are affordable and available to the SMB market. Don't let industry buzz words and technology barkers sell you the latest greatest promise.

Clear Communication

We are interested in relationships. You will deal with people when you engage DCF Networking Services!

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